The Vegan Society adopts sanctuary animals on behalf of celebrity animal lovers: The Queen, Sir David Attenborough, Ricky Gervais + more

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» The Vegan Society adopts sanctuary animals on behalf of celebrity animal lovers: The Queen, Sir David Attenborough, Ricky Gervais + more

The Vegan Society adopts sanctuary animals on behalf of celebrity animal lovers: The Queen, Sir David Attenborough, Ricky Gervais + more

As part of the Future Normal initiative, The Vegan Society has adopted residents at an animal sanctuary on behalf of celebrity animal lovers, urging them to reconsider their relationship with animals that are consumed and exploited.

High-profile animal lovers such as Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth, national treasure Sir David Attenborough and celebrities Ricky Gervais, Adele and Stella McCartney will all be receiving animal adoption packages, paid for by the Future Normal campaign, from the Goodheart Animal Sanctuaries in Kidderminster.

The Queen, of course, has an enduring love for dogs and according to reports went fur-free for new additions to her wardrobe last year. Meanwhile, Sir David has recently said that he is cutting meat products out of his diet for the benefit of other animals and the environment. Comedian Ricky Gervais is a steadfast critic of hunting and animal testing, while Stella McCartney has been a lifelong vegetarian and advocate for animal rights. Despite their love for animals, none of these celebrities are yet to adopt veganism as a lifestyle (as far as we know!).

Holly Willoughby and Phil Schofield of This Morning have had an adorable pair of turkeys, Susan and Colin, adopted on their behalf. Like Holly and Phil, Susan and Colin are inseparable, spending their days exploring their surroundings and looking for mischief together.

Each recipient will receive a slate footprint coaster and framed photo of their new furry friend, alongside a note from the Future Normal campaign urging them to question why they treat some animals as more important than others in their day to day lives. They will also continue to receive updates on how their new companions are getting on at Goodheart Animal Sanctuaries.

survey commissioned by Future Normal and The Vegan Society has found that almost half of Brits who eat meat feel hypocritical for loving animals while eating others.

These packages are aimed at creating true connections between adopter and adoptee, while spurring on the ‘lightbulb moment’ which so many animal lovers have the potential to achieve: that being vegan simply means living in line with the ethics that so many of us already hold in our hearts.

Matt Turner, spokesperson for Future Normal, said:

“We hope that Her Majesty The Queen, Sir David, and all of the other new adoptees of these beautiful animals enjoy the packages they have been sent. While it may seem like a bit of fun, there is a serious and poignant message behind why we have done this.

‘Why is one animal a friend but the other food?’ is a pertinent question that has been asked by vegans for decades. Our campaign is designed to bring ‘lightbulb moments’ to the millions of Brits who classify themselves as animal lovers but are yet to make the connection between how they feel about animals and what they consume. We are hoping for some positive responses and for a dialogue to be opened with some truly influential people about how we create a kinder future for all animals.”


For more information or broadcast interview opportunities, please contact Matt Turner, Media & PR Officer: media[at]vegansociety[dot]com

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Goodheart Animal Sanctuaries was founded to give rescued animals the best possible lives. Be it feed, bedding or veterinary care, each and every resident is given all they need to lead safe and happy lives. You can see the residents who have been adopted here.

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