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The Vegan Society partners with Europe’s only plant-based tradeshow

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» The Vegan Society partners with Europe’s only plant-based tradeshow

Plant Based World Conference & Expo in partnership with The Vegan Society will launch a brand new plant-based and vegan tradeshow next month.

The event, which follows the success of the sister show in the US in 2019, will provide a space for vegan and plant-based businesses and brands across retail hospitality and food service to take advantage of networking opportunities and find out about the most up-to-date innovations in plant-based living.

Over 100 plant-based suppliers are expected to showcase at the event, including Vegan Trademark holders Quorn, Clive’s Pies, HECK, OGGS, One Planet Pizza and Tofoo. Meanwhile, a team from The Vegan Society will be on hand across the weekend to provide information on vegan product labelling and advice on how to register for the Society’s internationally recognised Vegan Trademark.

Neneh Buswell, Events and Communications Officer, said: “The Vegan Society is incredibly excited to be working so closely with JD Events as Founding Partners of a brand new 100% plant-based event for trade professionals. With live shows finally returning for 2021 and the demand for vegan products ever-increasing, this is not one to be missed!”

Abigail Stevens, Global Marketing Director, JD Events, added: “When we decided to bring Plant Based World Expo to Europe, we wanted to partner with those organisations making huge strides in growing the plant-based food industry.”

“The Vegan Society’s founders coined the term ‘vegan’ in 1944, which set a ball into motion, opening people’s hearts and minds to the benefits of choosing a plant-based diet. Their Vegan Trademark, which means that a product or dish contains no animal products, can be seen labelling products on shelves and menus around the world. We look forward to inviting Vegan Trademark holders to join us at Plant Based World Expo, as we demonstrate how delicious and versatile plant-based products can be.”

The vegan and plant-based sector is one of the fastest-growing food categories with meat and dairy alternatives predicted to be worth €7.5bn in Europe and the UK by 2025 - up from €4.4bn in 2019.

Plant Based World Expo has come at the perfect time for businesses and consumers, with 1 in 4 Brits cutting down on animal products throughout the pandemic.

Book your free trade show passes on their website now. Small business Vegan Trademark holders can benefit from exclusive offers to participate. For more information, contact our events team today: TMEvents[at]vegansociety[dot]com.

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