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Ralf Müller-Amenitsch is a German lawyer who works in his own law office in Berlin. He specialises in labour, social, family law and is a global pioneer in vegan law. He was born in 1963 in Bavaria, is married and studied in Bonn, Gemany, and Lausanne, Switzerland. 

He is author of the first German book on vegan law ‘Vegan im Recht’ published in 2016 and in 2018 (second edition). 

Since than Ralf has published other books on vegan law such as the Austrian version of Vegan im Recht as co-author, and in March 2020 a collection of international and German national court decisions on plant-based food issues ‘Urteilssammlung Veggy-Food’. 

His global legal claim for free access to vegan products in public institutions, his juridical inventions; such as the quality standards for vegan food from basic inns to five star hotels and preventive power of attorney for vegan patients are of international interest and foreground further publications on ‘vegan law, know your rights’ at Vegan Publishers and a chapter on German law in an edited collection for Lexington publishers. 

He founded and co-organized in the first and second international symposium on vegan law in Berlin and has represented the International Vegan Rights Alliance (IVRA) since 2014 for Germany which is now incorporated into The Vegan Society as The Vegan Society’s International Rights Network. The conferences are held yearly in changing locations such as Berlin, Glasgow, Milan and Portugal. 

He represents PETA-Germany in national and international conferences on vegan topics. He edits a Blog and a podcast on vegan law for PETA Germany. 

Since 2018 he is a lecturer on vegan customer law and animal rights at the University of Applied Science (FHM) in Cologne and Bamberg and Berlin. 

Since 2019 he is expert in the ISO Committee for implementing an international industrial norm for (ISO WD 23662) vegan and vegetarian food products and Vice Chairman in the corresponding DIN Norm Committee (NA 057-08-03AA) for plant-based food. 

Since 2020 he edits national and international articles on vegan law in the VegConomist.

IRN Conference 2020 

Meanwhile the european legislation has changed to a more restrictive denomination regulation on behalf of diary products.

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