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Find out which retailers offer vegan-friendly shoes and boots, and how to spot them

Finding synthetic alternatives to leather shoes is a breeze, as most large retailers stock their shelves with leather free alternatives. Some mainstream brands have even created multiple styles especially for vegans, proving that ditching your worn leather boots for shiny new vegan alternatives isn’t so hard after all.

However, it’s not only the leather symbol you have to look out for when buying shoes, as some large retailers still use animal-derived glue in their products. Animal-derived glue is often made by boiling an animal’s connective tissue or bones, so even if you purchase leather free shoes they still may not be vegan-friendly. 

Will from Wills Vegan Shoes

Synthetic alternatives are easily available and used by certain retailers, so always check with the company to see what they use before purchasing. Keep a look out for the Vegan Trademark, the international symbol that guarantees no animal products, or animal testing on behalf of the manufacturer. You can search for Trademarked shoes and boots using our Trademark product search

Also remember that if you are in the market for some new shoes, check out some local charity shops. Not only will you be getting a bargain, you can help reduce animal cruelty within the shoe industry and the large amounts of textile waste within the UK at the same time. 

For fully vegan shoes, browse Will’s Vegan Shoes (they also provide a kids range), Vegetarian Shoes, Beyond Skin, Eco Vegan Shoes, holsterFreerangers, Risorse Shoes, Nemanti Italian Luxury Shoes, Mink and Bourgeois Boheme among others. Our Trademark search is a great place to find more vegan shoe brands. 


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