Selenium is readily obtained from a balanced vegan diet in many countries. However, if your food is grown in countries that have low selenium levels in the soil (which is a problem for everyone, not just vegans), consider a supplement such as VEG 1.

Recommend intake for vegans

The adult RDA (Recommended Daily or Dietary Allowance) is 55 mcg (microgram) of selenium. For safety, don't have more than 400 mcg each day.

Sources of selenium

Brazil nuts can be high in selenium: a Brazil nut grown in selenium-rich soil may contain half of your RDA! Wholegrains, beans and white rice may also be rich in the mineral. It is recommended to eat one or two Brazil nuts each day, or take a reliable selenium supplement. However, be careful not to eat more than 3-4 Brazil nuts each day due to selenium's toxicity.

Remember that the actual selenium level in your food depends on how much selenium there is in the soil where they were grown.

For more information on selenium, download our leaflet (PDF)

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