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Companies have spent a lot of money in improving their social media customer care channels, so let’s take advantage of that.

Here are some images you could send to companies you would love to produce more vegan options.


Not sure where to start? Here are some ideas for tweets – just don’t forget to tag your chosen company.

Widen your products’ appeal by making more of them suitable for #vegans #veganonthego Tweet this

I’d love it if you produced more #vegan options! It’s hard to find a vegan meal deal at the moment. #veganonthego Tweet this

The future is #vegan – don’t let other businesses leave you behind! #veganonthego Tweet this

There is an untapped market for more and better #vegan options in your stores #veganonthego Tweet this

#veganism is one of the biggest market trends – provide more options for us and it’s win-win! #veganonthego Tweet this

Please label your #vegan options – it makes life so much easier for vegans and we’ll be more likely to shop with you! #veganonthego Tweet this

List of companies’ twitter handles

Here are some ideas of companies you may want to contact