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Have you ever wondered how great it would be to grab something to eat on-the-go without worrying if it contains animal ingredients?

The dream of popping into a retail chain or eatery and finding some food in a pinch is becoming more and more possible thanks to a group of pioneering companies who are already collaborating with The Vegan Society to improve their vegan offerings. 

Our Vegan Trademark team work closely with businesses of all sizes to help register products as vegan, including chain restaurants and establishments looking to create vegan menus. Our hats go off to these companies for recognising the demand and actively seeking to add plant-based options – thank you for recognising and valuing your vegan customers!

Here are some great examples of clearly labelled vegan products you can find on the UK high street which are registered with our Vegan Trademark. 


Supermarket Asda carry a range of products suitable for vegans looking for a quick and tasty option. Choose from their Onion Bhaji wrap with mango and apricot chutney, Falafel and Houmous sandwich with a sweet chili sauce and Mexican Bean and Rice salad with a red pepper crush. All options retail for just £2.50, providing a quality, value lunch for those following a plant-based diet.’

Caffe Nero

Chain coffee house Caffe Nero carry several great options for vegans, including porridge made with soy milk, an Orzo pasta and Mediterranean hot pot, an apple and blackcurrant crumble bar and mince pies which can be warmed up in-store by the barista. On top of that, look out for their festive falafel wrap with chestnuts and spiced slaw.


If you’re looking for a sweet treat, Costa have got you covered with their fruity crumble, which is registered with the Vegan Trademark. For their latest sweet vegan offering, Costa Coffee have combined a creamy coconut base with sultanas, apricot and cranberries, added a layer of chocolate and finished it all off with a raspberry and pistachio crumb. Find it in most Costa stores for £2.


Have you tried these options and loved them? Get onto social media and make sure you let these companies know you appreciate them offering vegan food! Don’t have one of these establishments near you? Use our Vegan on the Go email draft to get in touch with your local eatery.