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» What's it all about?

Here at The Vegan Society, it is our mission to make veganism as widely understood and easily adopted as possible. In 2017 we launched the first phase of Vegan on the Go, which encouraged high street retailers to improve their ready-made vegan options. Since then we have seen a huge rise in vegan wraps, sandwiches and ready meals – and this is showing no sign of slowing down!

But what to tackle next? Well, we know that vegans often struggle to find suitable food when they’re travelling. In fact, in a survey last year we found out that 80% of vegans often go hungry on board trains.

So here it is – the next phase of Vegan on the Go. Starting with rail companies, we’re looking to improve options for vegans in the travel sector. If you’ve ever been left with only a packet of ready salted crisps on a long journey, why not hop on board and help us to make vegan travel plain sailing?

Get involved

First and foremost – you can use our form to email the rail companies of your choice. If enough of us do this, they will start to sit up and take notice of the power of the vegan pound.

You can also tweet companies showing that they would gain your custom if they upped their vegan game. And how about taking the time to thank companies who are going above and beyond, too?