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Here at The Vegan Society, it is our mission to make veganism as widely understood and easily adopted as possible. One thing that we hear time and time again is that people often struggle to find vegan food when they’re out and about – in fact, in a recent survey, 91% of vegans said they often had this issue.

This can be a barrier to people going vegan, as it can result in veganism seeming inconvenient. Forming a new habit can be hard – so making is as easy as possible will help us to accelerate the great strides in veganism we’re already seeing.

So – how can we get companies to produce more vegan options? We’re involved with speaking directly to food retailers at head office level, but as well as that we’ve got a whole host of ways for you to take part in the campaign. 

Get involved

Firstly – you can use our form to email the companies of your choice. If enough of us do this, they will start to sit up and take notice of the power of the vegan pound.

You can also tweet companies showing that they would gain your custom if they upped their vegan game. We know that there are so many products with a pesky small amount of milk or dairy included – so sending pics of ‘nearly vegan’ products to companies’ social media accounts will highlight to them how easy it could be to widen their appeal. How about taking the time to thank companies who are going above and beyond, too? 

As well as tackling the big companies, we’re also looking at ways to veganise small, independent cafes and restaurants in your local town. And this is where you come in! Request a pack to give you tips and ideas on how to veganise your town, as well as resources to hand out to your local businesses.