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New campaign #YesItsVegan rewards you for identifying Vegan Trademark products

We all know the feeling – searching the supermarket shelves for a glimpse of the word ‘vegan’ to put your mind at rest when buying a product. That’s where the Vegan Trademark comes in. But why is the Trademark so important?

Put simply, it’s the logo you can trust when it comes to vegan products. We know all of the sneaky ways which animal use makes it into food, cosmetics and more, and we’re here to help.

Here at The Vegan Society we know everything there is to know about vegan – we did invent the word, after all! Since our foundation in 1944 we have worked tirelessly to promote the vegan message. An important part of this is helping to give vegans confidence in the products they buy, which makes it easier for people to go and stay vegan.

The Vegan Trademark is the real deal, and goes beyond checking that each and every ingredient is animal-free. In order to qualify for the Vegan Trademark, a product also must not have been tested on animals on behalf of the manufacturer, and cannot involve any non-vegan manufacturing methods or processing aids.

Our Trademark team has been registering products since 1990. Each product which is registered has been individually checked against our rigorous standards by our dedicated team.

To help spread the word about the Vegan Trademark logo, we ran a special competition with our Vegan Trademark holders Suma Co-operative for one person to win a shopping trolley’s worth of great vegan products by taking part! We have everything from coffee to washing up liquid, all checked and registered as vegan by our dedicated team at The Vegan Society. Search for the hashtag #YesItsVegan on Twitter and Instagram to search through our fantastic entries!



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