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Will a vegan world be part of your legacy?

For 75 years we've been campaigning to make veganism an easily adopted and widely recognised appoach to reducing animal and human suffering and environmental damage - and you've been part of it. You can continue to be part of this important work even after you've gone, and enjoy the knowledge that your legacy is helping create a more peaceful and sustainable world for generations to come.

Up to a quarter of our work is only possible because of legacy gifts. Without these generous donations we could not provide vital support for existing vegans and inspire so many people to become (and remain) vegan. We're getting there but there is still so much to do. 

By remembering The Vegan Society in your will, you help ensure that we continue making real progress now and in the future. To arrange such a legacy, please download our legacy pack (4.9MB) or contact us by email or telephone 0121 323 1802. Note: an up-to-date version of the free Adobe Reader is required to open the legacy pack.

"I am remembering The Vegan Society in my will because I believe there is still a great deal of ignorance about veganism. A lot of ground still needs to be covered if we, as vegans, are ever to become the majority instead of the minority. It feels good knowing that I will be contributing to the essential educational work that The Vegan Society carries out at all levels of society after I am no longer here. Knowing that my children’s children will benefit from the work you are doing today is indeed a comforting thought."

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