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Looking for a fun, easy way to raise funds for us? 

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We're bursting with ideas to help you have fun, while helping us. Win-win situation? We'd say so!

Here at The Vegan Society we love a bit of good old fashioned fun. Whatever you get up to in aid of us, make sure you post photos on our Facebook page or email them to us, as we'd love to know what vegan-themed capers you've been up to. A JustGiving page is a great way to co-ordinate your fundraising activities and an easy way to directly donate to us. Your friends and family can show their support via the page, and you can update them on your progress, thoughts and ideas using the site's many features.

Find out other ways you can donate to us.


  • Work it - donate a day's wage and ask your employer to match your donation. It'll make your day's work twice as worth while, and you feel doubly good.
  • Action - hold a vegan movie night with popcorn & snacks and charge for tickets: a good movie is something everyone loves. You could screen a vegan-themed film like Vegucated.
  • Relax - offer your friends and family vegan manicures, facials and pedicures, all in their own home for a fee. Freshly polished nails are a real treat, and there are so many great vegan brands out there to make your nails sparkle and shine. 
  • Throw some tofu on the barbie - host an all vegan BBQ in the summer, charge a ‘buffet price’ and have fun in the sun enjoying tasty vegan delights. You could even offer a vegan ice cream bar if you're feeling extra generous and your guests need cooling down.
  • Office Eco-Day - dress green and do good vegan deeds throughout the day. Have an all-vegan lunch, vegan tea break, swap non-vegan items such as handwash and toiletries for ethical ones. It’s a fun way to educate people and they’ll likely enjoy the changes. Remember to be sponsored for all the activities you carry out.
  • Give it up - be sponsored to forgo something. Give up speaking for a day, computer games for a week, vegan chocolate for a month, or give up desserts for the whole of summer. Donate the money you save or raise to The Vegan Society.
  • Pancake race - Hold your own vegan pancake race and challenge your friends and family. Make sure you make extra pancake batter though, as we're sure your pancake runners will require immediate refuelling.
  • Plant sale - Do you grow a ton of veg? For those with green fingers, sell your produce at a plant sale, and share those green tips while you're at it.
  • Teddy bears’ picnic - Here's one for the smallest vegans. Organise a teddy bears’ vegan picnic and invite friends and family too. Your children will love it and it’s a great way to show your family and friends how tasty vegan food is. Charge people to come along.
  • Around the world at one table - Get together with friends and prepare different vegan dishes from around the world. Ask them to donate at the door - and if they feel you've been a good host, ask them to tip you on their way out!

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