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Animal Welfare Party : Vanessa Hudson

Hi Amanda

Attached please find detailed responses to your initial questions. 

Also, the Animal Welfare Party manifesto is centred on the moral and legal status of non-human animals, and thus contains many policies of interest to vegans.

If you have any further questions please don't hesitate to get in touch with me. 

All the best 

Vanessa Hudson

Green Party of England and Wales : Jean Lambert

Response for all Green Party of England and Wales candidates supplied by Caroline Allen (below)

Please note: Caroline Allen is not a Lead Candidate. However, she is:

Caroline's response below therefore applies to all GPEW candidates. Also, Ross Brown, the Green Party in Northern Ireland (GPNI) candidate, has formally adopted the GPEW Animal Protection Manifesto. Finally, the Common Manifesto of the European Green Party has been adopted by GPEW, GPNI and the Scottish Green Party.

Caroline Allen sent the following response to our message [our editorial clarification in square brackets]:

"Thanks for contacting us regarding the Euro elections.

I am leading on answering questions on animal issues, something that you know means a lot to us as Greens. 

You ask what are we going to do to end harm to animals if elected to the European Parliament- the answer is lots! Please find attached my response which also brings in the Green Party National Policy.

All our candidates are in complete support of the animal manifesto, which I believe you [The Vegan Society] saw at our [The Green Party of England and Wales] conference.

Sharing this Manifesto is the best way for you to pass on our commitment on these issues.

Of course issues of human rights, climate, food justice, sustainable farming, water and land rights and antibiotic resistance to name just a few are very important to us. Our full manifesto is here. In particular see page 16 for our policies on food and farming. You will see animal issues is also extensively covered in the main manifesto. This is not a niche issue for us.

Please don't hesitate to contact me if you require any further information. 

Twitter: @green_caroline

PS  For me personally the impact I could have for animals in the European Parliament is one of the key reasons for me standing. The polls are really close, especially in London and our seat is by no means safe with UKIP threatening a second seat. Its vitally important that people who care about these issues don't waste their vote on a party that doesn't stand a chance."