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Help us to speak out for humans and non-humans in the UK.  We all teach children in our care not to harm animals unnecessarily, and our government should reflect that.

The UK General Election is taking place this June 8th, 2017. Make sure to challenge your Prospective Parliamentary Candidates (PPCs) on their stance on animals and fellow humans. You can find out what your last MP has voted for here, and use this tool to quickly send your MPs feedback on important vegan issues.

Check out our reflection on the General Election results from 2015 here.

Our General Election UK Vegan Tip Sheet from 2015 still contains useful links and statistics, a questionnaire to put to local candidates and an overview of key vegan related concerns (from vegan nutrition to ending non-human animal testing). You can challenge your local politicians, getting them to answer these key concerns. Remember, you can stand up for animals by using these tools after the General Election too.

Make sure you are registered to vote by 22 May- talk to your local Elections Office if you have problems. 



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