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Gaining writing experience

Katie volunteered with The Vegan magazine, gaining experience in editing and writing pieces she had a genuine interest in. Katie had recently graduated with a degree in English with Creative Writing and was looking for real-world experience in a writing capacity. After volunteering weekly for two months, Katie found a full-time job doing what she loves best.

"It was so nice to be trusted to proof read and edit pieces of writing that were so close to the final copy. I felt really comfortable putting forward my opinion and it was lovely to know that the editor was really listening to me and taking my input onboard."

"I'd never been able to write about things I actually found interesting before, so this was a first and something that made going in every week so much more enjoyable. You made me feel like I was really appreciated in the role and I can only hope that I've managed to help as much as you've helped me."

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