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Take a look back at some of the ways we've brought veganism into mainstream media.

Getting veganism on the agenda is an important part of the work we do here at The Vegan Society. By promoting our message far and wide across many media channels, we're working to create a more vegan world.

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April 2017

103 The Eye16/04/17. 'Let's talk veganism'. Radio show. 


ALL FM13/04/17. 'Young people cutting off dairy'. Radio show.


12/04/17. 'The Vegan Society set record straight on National Osteoporosis Society’s survey'. Article.


12/04/17. ''Clean eating’ trend will cause broken bones, experts warn'. Article.


10/04/17. 'The Real Reason Why Young People Are Going Off Milk Is Because It’s Gross'. Article. 



06/04/17. 'Vegan Anti-Vaxxer Mom Forced to Vaccinate Her Kids By Judge'. Article.


March 2017

Grocer30/03/17. 'Asda own-label products to get Vegan Society trademark'. Article.


28/03/17. 'Pret A Manger To Open Second Veggie Shop (With Some Glorious Vegan Treats On The Menu)'. Article. 


ISN27/03/16. 'Asda the first supermarket to improve vegan labelling – and put the Vegan Trademark on vodka'. Article.


17/03/16. 'Plant power'. Article. 


15/03/16. 'Parliamentarians urge the Department of Health to improve medicine labelling'. Article.


13/03/16. 'New Law Makes Vegan Option Compulsory In Portuguese Public Canteens - Is Britain Next?' Article.


10/03/16. 'It is now illegal not to offer vegan food at prisons, hospitals and schools in Portugal'. Article.


10/03/16. 'A whole new Vegan World at Natural Food Show 2017'. Article.


10/03/16. 'Crufts Promotes Irresponsible Dog Breeding Must Be Stopped'. Article.


09/03/16. 'UK MPs Urge Department of Health to Improve Medicine Labeling'. Article.


08/03/16. 'Fair trade and veganism have more in common than you think'. Article.


February 2017

24/02/16. 'Vegan Society uses "ten-a-day" study to further its cause - saying agriculture has an "underlying problem" '. Article.


23/02/16. 'Be outraged at China for killing male ducklings, but remember it happens here too'. Article. 


22/02/16. 'Why vegan'. Radio show.


20/02/16. 'New study shows we all suffer from low levels of vitamin D – not just vegans'. Article.


15/02/16. 'Bank of England defies protests to keep printing animal‑fat notes'. Article.


15/02/16. 'Sorry, vegans, the Bank of England is not scrapping its new animal fat-using bank notes'. Article.


15/02/16. 'Bank of England will retain plastic £5 note, despite vegan protests'. Article.


15/02/16. 'Bank of England to keep five pound note despite protests over beef fat ingredient'. Article.


15/02/16. 'British Hindus express disappointment over Bank of England £5 pound note animal fat decision'. Article.


15/02/16. 'New £5 Note Won’t Be Taken Out Of Circulation, Bank Of England Says'. Article.


06/02/16. 'Is it time for you to go vegan'. Article.


January 2017

26/01/16. 'PETA-Approved Vegan and Sunflower: Two Certificates for Vegan Textiles and Accessories'. Article.


05/01/15. 'Go vegan in January with Veganuary'. Radio show. 


03/01/16. 'Children enjoy meat free meals as more nurseries go vegetarian'. Article.


December 2016

 01/12/16. 'UK bank note'. Skype interview.


01/12/16. '£5 note backlash'. Skype interview. 


November 2016

30/11/16. 'Why vegetarians aren’t happy with the UK’s new £5 note'. Article.


29/11/16. 'Putting animal fat in the new £5 note is an insult to vegetarians and should concern everyone'. Article.


29/11/16. '£5 notes contain tallow'. Radio show.


29/11/16. '£5 notes and tallow'. Radio show.


01/11/16. '5 reasons to stop worrying and go vegan'. Article.


01/11/16. 'World Vegan Day'. Radio show.


01/11/16. 'World Vegan Day: Co-ops’ role in making vegan shopping easier'. Article.


October 2016

26/10/16. 'Don't make this about Islam – there is no such thing as 'humane slaughter' in the meat industry'. Article.


26/10/16. 'No Meat Is Neat: How To Grow Strong And Healthy Vegetarian Kids'. Article.


07/10/16. 'Demand For Dairy is Driving the Badger Cull – Yet No One is Talking About it'. Article.


04/10/16. 'Vegan food "should be on menus at schools, hospitals and prisons" '. Article.


September 2016

28/09/16. 'The undisputed rise of Vegan Beer'. Podcast.


27/09/16. 'German Nutrition Society vegan diet isn’t enough. Are they right?' Article.


13/09/16. 'Sustainable farming: time to "Grow Green" post-Brexit'. Article.


02/09/16. 'Welfare Laws Do Not Protect Farmed Animals From Cruelty'. Article.


August 2016

26/08/16. 'Excuse me, do you speak vegan?' Article.


28/08/16. 'You don't need eggs for the perfect cake: Bake Off contestant Rav reveals how vegan treats helped him lose eight stone'. Article.


17/08/16. 'Eating eight portions a day could make people happier'. Article.


17/08/16. 'Banning vegan diets for children discussion'. Radio Show.


12/08/16. 'The horrible truth behind Lewis Hamilton's seemingly cute Snapchat of tigers can't be ignored'. Article.


11/08/16. 'Italy's Threat to Vegan Parents is an Attack on Human Rights'. Article.


 10/08/16. 'Banning vegan diets for children'. Radio show.


10/08/16. 'Banning vegan diets for children'. Radio show.


05/08/16. 'Nothing controversial about being a vegan'. Article.


04/08/16. 'Vegan make-up: The best brands, products, and brushes'. Article.


03/08/16. ''Eat more plants to live longer', new research finds'. Radio show. 


02/08/16. 'Vegan nutrition discussion'. Radio show. 


01/08/16. 'Can veganism save the planet?'. Article.


July 2016

28/07/16. 'The benefits of raising children vegan'. Radio show.


28/07/16. ''Teach children to love animals not eat them''. Radio show.


28/07/16. 'Vegan diets are not extreme'. Letter to editor.


26/07/16. 'Instead of teaching kids to love dogs and eat pigs, vegan parents teach them to value all animals'. Article.


 26/07/16. 'Vegan diets for children aren’t abusive – raising a child to eat meat is actually more extreme'. Article. 


19/07/16. 'Ethical eating'. Article. 


18/07/16. 'The Vegan Society debate childhood vegan nutrition on Channel 5's The Wright Stuff'. TV show. 


14/07/16. 'Stop eating meat and save the world'. Article. 


14/07/16. 'Production of meat is destroying our planet'. Letter to editor. 


11/07/16. 'There’s An Overpopulation Problem, But Not the One You Might Think'. Article. 


11/07/16. 'Couple Loses Custody of Malnourished Baby After Feeding Him Vegan Diet'. Article. 


08/07/16. 'Chef Fired After Claiming He Serves Meat to Vegans'.  Article. 


June 2016

21/06/16. 'The Meat And Masculinity Myth: Why It’s Time For More Men To Go Vegan'. Article. 


17/06/16. 'It's Time For More Men to Go Vegan'. Article. 


06/06/16. 'Why animal agriculture’s environmental impact is still being ignored'. Article. 


04/06/16. 'Animal Agriculture's Environmental Impact Is Still Being Ignored'. Article. 


01/06/16. 'Does a vegan diet harm your fitness?'. Article. 


01/06/16. 'Have We Been Tricked Into Thinking Milk Is Good For Us?' Article. 


01/06/16. 'Have We Been Tricked Into Thinking Milk Is Good For Us?'. Article. 


May 2016

27/05/16. 'The rise of vegan teenagers: 'More people are into it because of Instagram'. Article. 


26/05/16. 'Vegan writer Amy shares why she has binned meat and dairy from the menu'. Article. 


24/05/16. 'The death of the vegan climber was a tragedy, but her diet was irrelevant'.   Article. 


24/05/16. 'How to eat out if you're vegan'.  Article. 


23/05/16. 'Britain Now Has Half A Million Vegans'.  Article. 


 20/05/16. 'Veganism is taking over: now more than half a million Britons say no to cheese and eggs'. Article. 


20/05/16. 'Restaurants 'missing out' on half a million diners'. Article. 


 20/05/16. 'This Is Why Millennials Are All Turning Vegan'.  Article. 


 19/05/16. 'Paging Morrissey: More U.K. Residents Than Ever Think Meat Is Murder'. Article. 


19/05/16. 'Study shows massive surge in veganism across the UK with Glasgow leading the way'. Article. 


18/05/16. 'Veganism has risen by 350 per cent in the last decade'. Article. 


 18/05/16. 'Fit, macho, sexy: the reinvention of vegans'. Article. 


18/05/16. 'Number of vegans in Britain rises by 360% in 10 years'. Article. 


 18/05/16. Jasmijn de Boo interviewed live on Sky News in the studio with Eamonn Holmes. TV show. 


 18/05/16. 'There are now more than half a million vegans in Britain'. Article. 


18/05/16. 'Half a million Britons are now vegans: Number who now no longer eat diary, meat or fish soars by 350,000 in a decade'. Article. 


18/05/16. 'Number of vegans living in Britain has soared to more than 500,000'. Article. 


18/05/16. 'Number of vegans living in Britain has soared to more than 500,000'. Article. 


18/05/16. 'One diet trend has taken the UK by storm and is showing no sign of losing popularity'. Article. 


 18/05/16. 'Number Of Vegans In Britain Tops Half A Million'. Article.  


 18/05/16. 'Number Of Vegans In Britain Soars In Past Decade, Here’s Why'. Article. 


 18/05/16. 'Veganism Up By 350%'. Article. 


 18/05/16. 'No meat, we're British! Vegan population up 360% in 10 yrs'. Article. 


 17/05/16. 'Dear vegetarians, thank you for your efforts to protect animals - but you could do much better'. Article. 


04/05/16. 'Costing the Earth'. Radio podcast.


April 2016

27/04/16. ''I've actually turned quite a few of my friends vegan since starting out, it's a wonderful feeling''. Article.  


04/04/16. 'Grow Green: Tackling Climate Change with Plant Protein Agriculture'. Article.  


04/04/16. 'Is your child a fan of Peppa Pig? If so, have you noticed THIS?'. Article.  


March 2016

24/03/16. 'Why We Should Boycott the Egg Industry for Good This Easter'. Article.  


18/03/16. '''I would never go back - going vegan is probably the best decision I ever made"'. Article. 


14/03/16. 'SPECIAL REPORT: Raw Food Diets – Keeping It Real'. Article.  


11/03/16. 'Jammie Dodgers change their recipe – and vegans aren’t happy'. Article.  


09/03/16. 'Parents' fury as Jammie Dodgers recipe changes to include milk'. Article.  


09/03/16. 'Jammie Dodgers aren't vegan any more and people are not happy'. Article.  


09/03/16. 'Crumbs! Uproar over plans to change Jammie Dodgers recipe'. Article.  


08/03/16. 'Ask An Adult: Is Going Vegan Better For Me?'. Article. 


05/03/16. 'Militant vegans bombard Devon farm shop's Facebook page over calf naming competition'. Article.  


04/03/16. 'Mother’s Day offers chance to go vegan'. Letter to editor.  


03/03/16. 'Dairy Cows Are Mothers Too: Their Milk Is Not Meant for Us'. Article.  


03/03/16. 'Going vegan could help prevent prostate cancer, study finds'. Article.  


03/03/16. 'Vegan diet' can cut risk of prostate cancer by 35 per cent''. Article.  


03/03/16. 'Going VEGAN slashes the risk of prostate cancer by a third'. Article. 


03/03/16. 'Going vegan could help prevent prostate cancer, study finds'. Article. 


03/03/16. 'Vegan diet 'cuts prostate cancer risk by 35%'. Article.  


03/03/16. 'Vegan diet 'cuts prostate cancer risk by 35%''. Article. 


February 2016

18/02/16. 'TV's Peppa Pig turning kids into VEGGIES: Children scared to eat fave characters'. Article.  


18/02/16. 'Peppa Pig and George are turning children into vegetarians, parents claim'. Article.  


16/02/16. 'BrewDog embraces veganism with 23 of its beers set to carry Vegan Society trademark'. Article. 


15/02/16. 'The Vegan Diet: What it is, how it works, and recipe ideas'. Article. 


15/02/16. 'BrewDog range now includes the Vegan Trademark'. Article. 


12/02/16. 'Genuine animal lovers should be going vegan'. Letter to editor. 


12/02/16. 'Valentine's Day: extend you love to all animals. An introduction to speciesism'. Article. 


03/02/16. 'Can you be a vegan and eat eggs?'. Article. 


03/02/16. 'How vegan athlete Tim Shieff became an ultra runner'. Article.  


January 2016

29/01/16. 'Six unexpected benefits of going vegan'. Article. 


27/01/16. 'The rise of the VEGGAN'. Article. 


20/01/16. ‘'Veggans’ are vegans but still have eggs: New diet trend explained'. Article. 


 20/01/16. 'So ‘veggan’ is a thing; a vegan who eats eggs. But what’s the point?'. Article.  


 20/01/16. 'GBK: 'Totally Out Of Touch''. Article. 


20/01/16. 'Gourmet Burger Kitchen pulls ‘offensive’ advertisements'. Article. 


19/01/16. 'Gourmet Burger Kitchen withdraws its 'crass' ad campaign after furious backlash'. Article.  


19/01/16. 'Gourmet Burger Kitchen pulls ads following vegan protests'. Article. 


18/01/16. 'People Are Boycotting Gourmet Burger Kitchen Because Of This Advert'. Article.  


07/01/16. 'Costa Coffee becomes Britain's first coffee chain to offer a vegan cake'. Article. 


06/01/16. 'Costa coffee now does a fully vegan cake and we tried it first'. Article. 


December 2015

December. 'Veganism: should runners take the plunge?'. Article.


21/12/15. 'How this devoted meat eater turned vegan - and how you can too'. Article.


November 2015

November. 'Veganism: introduction'. Article.


22/11/15. 'Vegan Business is Booming'. Article.


20/11/15. 'Vegan Business is Booming'. Article.


10/11/15. 'Time to change the way we farm?'. Article.


06/11/15. 'As Guinness goes vegan friendly, the other surprising drinks that aren't suitable for vegetarians revealed'. Article.


05/11/15. '5 reasons to go vegan'. Article.


02/11/15. 'Why Go Vegan? World Vegan Day 2015'. Article.


01/11/15. 'The Vegan Society's Elena Orde on the benefits of going vegan'. Article.


October 2015

26/10/15. 'Sausages and ham cause cancer, red meat probably, too'. Article.


26/10/15. 'Meat and cancer: vegetarians view'. Article.


24/10/15. 'Animal Agriculture Off the UN Agenda Again'. Article.


11/10/15. 'Could you do the Vegan Pledge?'. Article.


07/10/15. 'Students should go vegan to save money at University this academic year'. Article.


07/10/15. 'The 5p bag vs the steak on your plate'. Article.


September 2015

29/09/15. 'Vegan MP's no-nonsense reply to claims that she can't speak about farming and food'. Article. 


16/09/15. 'Calls for support for crop farmers after McCarthy appointment'. Article.


16/09/15. 'Action on rural livelihoods and climate change emissions from farming is urgently needed', says the Vegan Society'. Article.


16/09/15. 'More support needed for crop farmers, says The Vegan Society'. Article.


15/09/15. 'Vegan Society says more support needed for crop farmers'. Article.


10/09/15. 'Going vegan…What you need to know'. Article.


August 2015

14/08/15. 'The vegan diet'. Article.


07/08/15. 'Cecil's death as tragic - but so are the deaths of farm animals'. Article.


06/08/15. 'Vegethletics: Are you running on plants?'. Article.


01/08/15. 'I went vegan for 60 days - and it changed my life'. Article.


July 2015

23/07/15. 'Does this Lincoln burger business offer the most vegan-friendly menu in the city?'. Article.


01/07/15. 'Marks & Spencer sparks outrage by including 'chips coated in beef dripping' in vegan range'. Article. 


June 2015

26/06/15. 'Taking Charge of Our Own Health'. Article.


02/06/15. 'Vegan Society says eating dogs no different to any other animal'. Article.


May 2015

 21/05/15. 'Hummus and mutiny: what happened when my family went vegan'. Article.


April 2015

23/04/15. 'I just feel amazing all the time': How snooker became the planet's most vegan sport'. Article.


22/04/15. 'World Championship Snooker: Neil Robertson talks up his vegan diet'. Article.


10/04/15. 'Calling Bullshit on Humane Meat'. Article.


March 2015

09/03/15. 'Health workers abused my daughter's human rights'. Article.


09/03/15. 'Machynlleth man claims health chiefs abused vegan daughter's human rights'. Article.


04/03/15. 'Green is the new Black - how veganism became sexy in London'. Article.


February 2015

21/02/15. 'Badger cull is 'ineffective, inhumane and unecessary', says Vegan Society'. Video.


08/02/15. 'From Beyonce to the Baftas, vegan culture gets star status'. Article.