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Major news story

Research from University College London released in April suggested that the current guidelines recommending the nation to eat 5 servings of fruit and vegetables a day should be increased to 7 servings and most of those should be vegetables.  

This story led to the invitation to the Society to provide spokespeople for several of radio programmes. Member of The Vegan Society’s Research Advisory Committee, Dr Kate Stewart, a medical sociologist at the University of Nottingham and an expert in public health information advice, acted as a spokesperson for the Society along with Vegan Society CEO Jasmijn de Boo. Kate gave interviews to Radio 5 Live’s Breakfast show, BBC Radio Derby’s Breakfast show and to community radio station Radio St Austell Bay healthy living show. Jasmijn de Boo was invited to appear on Radio 4’s prestigious PM programme to discuss the topic.

We take it as a clear sign of the increased profile of veganism and The Vegan Society in the media in the UK that the Society is receiving these invitations.

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