Cows are the real victims of milk price row

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» Cows are the real victims of milk price row

Cows continue to suffer the most following the recent British supermarket protests.

The fact that the supply of dairy milk has outstripped the demand is not surprising considering the rise and rise of milk alternatives. However, the falling demand for dairy has not seen the same dip in the production of milk, as farmers continue to protest against the drop in the amount they are being paid: most recently, by walking cows into supermarkets.

“Compared to the suffering dairy cows generally experience this may seem inconsequential, but it is highly demonstrative of the industry’s treatment of cows as objects and props, lacking sentience or feeling,” said Jasmijn de Boo, CEO of The Vegan Society. 

Upon hearing that the chairman of the Farmers Union of Wales’ milk committee had suggested a cull of cattle to halt overproduction, de Boo added that this was: “A callous quick-fix to an unsustainable industry that will continue to struggle as more and more people turn to plant milk.

“The Vegan Society is sympathetic to workers losing their livelihoods, but in this case governmental measures need to be put in place to diversify away from this failing industry.”

The Vegan Society again calls upon DEFRA to support dairy farmers to diversify away from failing dairy farming. Subsidies to move into sustainable plant-based agriculture are right for farmers, the environment, and non-human animals.

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