A statement regarding a misuse of The Vegan Trademark

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» A statement regarding a misuse of The Vegan Trademark

The Vegan Trademark cannot be legitimately used on a product which contains animal ingredients, or ingredients tested on animals on behalf of the manufacturer. Any use of the Vegan Trademark on a product containing animal ingredients is thus a misuse of the Vegan Trademark.

It recently came to The Vegan Society’s attention that De Rit’s “Naturally Sweetened” Chocoreale was found to have been using The Vegan Trademark on its labelling. Please be aware that this product is NOT vegan as it contains honey, and that this product has NOT been registered with the Vegan Trademark.

Be assured that we are investigating this further and are currently taking action with the company.

We thank you for bringing this case to our attention. If you do encounter any misuse of the Vegan Trademark, please report it to our offices by email to info[at]vegansociety[dot]com, as then we can immediately contact the company to rectify this error. 

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