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Children have a right to know how food is produced

"Vegan Cheese Does Come from Plants", says The Vegan Society

The Vegan Society today welcomes the British Nutrition Foundation’s (BNF) recommendation that “Schools throughout the UK require a national framework and guidance for food and nutrition education to support the learning needs of children and young people, especially at a time when levels of childhood obesity are soaring”. The recommendation follows a BNF survey of over 27,500 children throughout the UK. A concerning number of children believe that fish fingers are made from chicken and pasta is made from an animal, the survey revealed.

The Vegan Society supports the BNF’s call for better education about where food comes from and shares their concerns. Vegan Society CEO Jasmijn de Boo commented, “These very basic errors suggest that children will have little knowledge of the inherent cruelties of intensive farming for meat, eggs and dairy products and the negative impact of the animal farming industry on our environment. Children have a right to know not just where their food comes from but how it is produced so that they can make informed decisions about what they eat. As a society we have a duty to educate our children to know the truth".

However, the children participating in these surveys could be argued to be thinking along the right lines from a vegan perspective. Vegan ‘cheese’ is made from plant food – soya or nut ‘cheeses’ for example – and while pasta may not come from an animal; egg pasta contains an animal product.

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