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30 years of the Vegan Trademark

This year we celebrate 30 years of The Vegan Society’s Vegan Trademark! That's right. We introduced the Vegan Trademark in 1990, and have been working tirelessly ever since, helping you to easily spot vegan products with the peace of mind that we have ensured they are free from animal ingredients and animal testing (at the initiative of the company or on its behalf, or by parties over whom the company has effective control.)

"I always look for the Vegan Trademark - it makes shopping so much easier. It’s great to know that The Vegan Society are working hard behind the scenes and encouraging brands to create new vegan products!"

Vegan Society Member

We’ve been setting the standard for 30 years

From the food you eat, to the products you use and the clothes you wear, we’ve been setting the standard for vegan products for the past 30 years.

We’ll be marking this milestone in a number of ways throughout the year with exciting competitions on our website and Instagram, as well as sharing blogs and useful information about what we do. You can read more about our trademark and how things have changed over the last three decades, here.

Celebrate with us!

We will also be throwing a birthday party at the Just V Show in London from 16th – 18th October. Get your free tickets here.

Follow us on Instagram and Twitter and share your favourite Vegan Trademark registered products on social media using our anniversary hashtag: #30yearsofvegan, and tag @vegantrademark.

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