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Yes, you can have sweet things too! There are plenty of vegan options for those with a sweet tooth, and here's a small selection. Chocoloate chip cookies are our green heroes with just 0.07kg of CO2 per serving.

Oat and thyme panna cotta, warm berries and maple granola

Carbon emissions: 0.28kg per serving

By Simon Bishop
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Choc chip cookies

Non-vegan chocolate cake generates 5.3 times more CO2e than vegan chocolate chip cookies(Read More)

Raspberry chocolate cake

Crème brûlée generates 2.5 times more CO2e than vegan raspberry chocolate cake(Read More)

A plate of apple and raspberry crumble with extra raspberries and cream on top.  Additional rasperies to the leftside of the plate.

Apple raspberry crumble

Buttery fruit crumble generates 1.4 times more CO2e than apple and raspberry crumble(Read More)

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