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Gifts can be customised for vegans or non-vegans. Choose between the go vegan welcome pack or the vegan welcome pack.

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Gift memberships are sent out within 1–3 working days and cannot be scheduled in advance.
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The Vegan Society welcomes everyone. Only those who follow a vegan diet are eligible to vote at our AGM and any EGM. By selecting Vegan welcome pack above, they will be classed as a member of The Vegan Society with voting rights and their name and address will appear on the register of members available to public inspection. If you choose Go vegan welcome pack they will not be entitled to voting rights and their name and address will be kept private, but all other benefits remain the same.

Membership Options Fieldset

Choose the membership type

Eco members will receive a membership card in the post, access to the Members’ Area, over 110 third party discounts and an electronic copy of the magazine. Paper-based members will receive all the same benefits plus a welcome pack and a paper copy of the magazine on a quarterly basis.

Please choose the recipient’s country of residence. If you live outside the UK, you will automatically be assigned eco membership.
Paper-based members receive the printed edition of our quarterly magazine. Eco members have access to the magazine through the Members' Area online.

If you are having trouble completing this form, email membership[at]vegansociety[dot]com or call 0121 8279 905 (Monday–Friday 9am–5pm). Please read our membership terms and conditions here.

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