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» Plant-Based Nutrition in Clinical Practice: Book Launch

RAC member, Dr Shireen Kassam, has co-edited a book on plant-based nutrition aimed at health professionals.

Plant-Based Nutrition in Clinical Practice, a multi-authored book co-edited by RAC member Dr Shireen Kassam, Dr Zahra Kassam and Lisa Simon RD is due to be published on September 15th.

Plant-Based Nutrition in Clinical Practice is an evidence-based book aimed at health professionals. It provides an up-to-date review of the uses, benefits and practical application of a plant-based diet in clinical practice, taking both a holistic and a systems-based approach.

The book contains chapters that cover the evidence for the beneficial impact of plant-based nutrition on the chronic diseases of our time, its impact at all stages of life, the barriers and strategies for behaviour change, and the growth of Lifestyle Medicine. The book concludes with a chapter on how our food system is in fact a central driver of our current planetary health crises, with root causes that are common to our health crisis and how a shift to plant-based nutrition can help mitigate them.

Published by Hammersmith Books, it is available in the UK on 15th September and globally on 29th September. It is hoped that this textbook will provide a valuable resource that will be incorporated into University and Medical School libraries, ultimately making its way onto reading lists for a broad variety of healthcare courses.

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