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Ian James, Vegan Society Research Network member
University of Birmingham

University of Birmingham

Recently graduated with an MA Applied Linguistics with TESOL (Distinction) from Birmingham University. I think reducing the suffering of animals worldwide (particularly due to factory farming) and tackling climate change are among our most pressing ethical imperatives, so some of my research, including my MA dissertation, has been aimed towards making a contribution here.

Areas of knowledge & interest:

•             Psycholinguistics (especially relationships between language and thought, belief, behaviour; embodied cognition; situation models; metaphor)

•             Other areas of applied linguistics including discourse analysis and corpus linguistics

•             Teaching, particularly TESOL as I’ve worked as an ESOL teacher for over a decade (mostly at universities in China)

•             Music (previously worked as a musician and as a guitar teacher; enjoy songwriting and production); games (tabletop and digital); philosophy; Effective Altruism; Sentientism.

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