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Laura Belmar, Vegan Society Researcher Network

I’m researching the psychology behind speciesism and carnism (both within individuals and within the framework of society) from a trauma-informed perspective. As someone with Complex Trauma and Dissociative Identity, my own therapeutic work has given me a lot of awareness of how early childhood trauma and dissociation interlink with all forms of social oppression, including animal exploitation, and how vegans are treated by society.

I hope that ultimately my work can inspire other vegan activists to use a trauma-informed approach to vegan outreach and animal rights campaigns, but also to self-care (regarding vystopia/vegan’s trauma, compassion fatigue, and personal trauma history).

My approach is integrative, but strongly based on the IFS model, which sees the psyche in terms of personality parts, who are on a spectrum of connection/integration, poor connection resulting in phenomena such as, for example, cognitive dissonance and other paradoxes.

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