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We're well into the swing of the holiday season, and for many, Christmas Day is synonymous with indulgent feasts and festive delights. If you're vegan or hosting vegan guests, Christmas dinner doesn't have to be daunting! This blog explores an array of delectable Vegan Trademark certified supermarket selections that will make creating a delicious, vegan festive feast hassle-free. 

Vegan Christmas Dinner Guide 2023

A show-stopping vegan centrepiece 

For a vegan Christmas dinner centrepiece that will wow vegans and meat eaters alike, Asda and Morrisons both have delicious vegan versions of traditional Christmas dishes. From a nut roast to a mushroom wellington to a vegan turkey alternative, the crown jewel of your Christmas Dinner is easier than ever to source, thanks to tasty supermarket finds certified by the Vegan Trademark. 

Traditional Trimmings: 

Some may say that the Christmas dinner side dish selection is their favourite part. From No-Pigs In Blankets to hearty Brussels sprouts, a selection of tasty veggies and sides on your table to accompany your main is an essential. Whoever said vegetables are boring? Packed with festive flavours of garlic, herbs and spices, roasted vegetables can be a side dish the whole family is fighting over. Not forgetting of course, the gravy and cranberry sauce to tie it all together. 

  • Morrisons No-Pigs in Blankets: No need to miss out on this traditional trimming - find a vegan twist on the Christmas classic at Morrisons! 
  • Asda Crisp & Fluffy Roast Potatoes: The perfect roast potatoes are crisp on the outside and fluffy on the inside, don't you think? You can make the side dish prep easier on yourself by picking up these roast potatoes from Asda. 
  • Asda OMV! Deliciously Vegan Christmas Trimming Selection: A vegan Christmas side selection that will be a tasty accompaniment to your main, featuring sage and onion stuffing balls, No Pigs in Blankets, and caramelised red onion cocktail sausages. 
  • Asda Free From Chicken Gravy Granules: What's a roast dinner without a gravy? You can pick up Vegan Trademark certified chicken-style gravy granules from Asda. Bonus - these are gluten-free too! 

Vegan Christmas starters 

No Christmas dinner is complete without a starter! Whether you’re planning a huge spread of festive vegan goodies or want something simple, with a little effort, you can rustle up a delicious dish full of festive flavours. Why not check out our vegan Christmas recipes that have been created as part of The Vegan Society's Live Vegan For Less Campaign? The Carrot soup is a winter classic – not only is it delicious, but it’s healthy, hassle-free and will help you save on money! 

Vegan Christmas desserts 

Vegan mince pies on a plate

For those with a sweet tooth or those intent on keeping it traditional, there are plenty of vegan alternatives to popular Christmas desserts that the whole family can dig into. Most importantly though, will you be having yours with vegan custard or vegan ice cream? 

  • Asda Plant Based OMV! 4 Iced Christmas Cake Slices: Indulge your sweet tooth and embrace the traditional Christmas flavours with the rich and fruity goodness of these iced Christmas cake slices from Asda. 
  • The Coconut Collab Melt in the Middle Pudding: An indulgent, melty chocolate pudding you can find at Sainsbury's, this is a velvety smooth treat you can enjoy.  
  • Morrisons Plant Revolution Trifle: Dive into layers of deliciousness with the Plant Revolution Trifle from Morrisons – a delightful vegan dessert. 
  • Just Love Food Vegan Chocolate Cake: a dairy-free dessert for the chocolate lovers at your table: chocolate sponge cake filled and covered with a chocolate-flavoured frosting. Topped with dark chocolate drops and a chocolate drizzle!  
  • Asda Free From Christmas Pudding: Love it or leave it, Christmas pudding is a staple of the festive season! Find a vegan version of this Christmas classic at Asda.  
  • We Love Cake Chocolate Pudding: A deliciously decadent dessert that's also gluten-free! Found in the frozen aisle, pop this pudding in the oven and serve with vegan ice cream or custard for a melt-in-your-mouth delight. 
  • Asda Plant Based OMV! Crumble Top Mince Pies: Perhaps a treat for Christmas Eve, these vegan mince pies from Asda are sure to be a winner with your friends and family. With a cinnamon and ginger spice crumble and a sweet dusting, these Christmas classics are not one to miss! 

Seasonal sweet treats  

candy canes against a pink background

Ever been waiting for Christmas dinner, and it feels like an age away? If you’re hosting this year and want to keep guests topped up with treats while they wait for the main event, take a look at some of these festive sweet treats to tide them over. If you’re not hosting and you just want something sweet to snack on to celebrate the festivities, go right ahead! 

A vegan cheesy nibble 

Who could forget the cheese board?! Give your Christmas spread the wow factor with some of these vegan cheesy nibbles and after-dinner (or before - we’re not telling you what to do…) treats. Make sure to check out some of our ideas on cheese and wine pairings in our blog for inspiration, and don't forget the garnishes to give your vegan cheeseboard some flair! 

Don't forget the drinks  

Fizzy drink being poured

From fizzy Prosecco and sparkling wine to a warming vegan hot chocolate to wind you down on the big day, you don’t need to settle for less if you’re shopping vegan. Here are some options that are registered with the Vegan Trademark. 

  • Prodolce: Raise a toast with vegan certified sparkling wine from Prodolce, adding a touch of fizz to your celebration. 
  • Mighty Brew Heritage Sparkling Kombucha: Refresh your palate with the tangy Might Brew Heritage Sparkling Kombucha. 
  • Kokoa Collection Luxury Single Origin Hot Chocolate: For those with a sweet tooth, nothing beats a hot chocolate on cold December nights. Easy-to-melt chocolate tablets from Kokoa Collection are ready for you to transform them into a delicious luxury hot chocolate drink.  
  • Brewdog Hoppy Christmas: Tangy citrus, papaya and pineapple rest on a solid malty base for a merry and bright IPA that’s going to get you (or the beer-lover in your life) feeling all kinds of festive! 

Be savvy with your spending 

Christmas can be an expensive time of year, but there are plenty of ways you can save on food and drink options for the big day. For tips on being savvy with your spending this Christmas, check out the Vegan Society’s blog, which covers tasty, cost-effective recipes and some ideas you can take on board to help make the big day have a smaller impact on your budget. Dried oranges on Christmas tree


This Christmas, delight in the abundance of vegan options available to create a festive feast that caters to all tastes. From centrepieces to treats, the Vegan Trademark certified food and drinks available from a range of brands promise a Christmas Day filled with flavour, compassion, and joy. Happy feasting! 

We hope this Christmas Dinner guide has provided you with lots of inspiration for the special day with your loved ones. Or if someone is cooking for you but not sure what to buy, make sure to send this to them to give them some pointers! If your Christmas table features any of these suggestions over the festive break, be sure to share photos with us and tag @vegantrademark on Instagram and Twitter (X)

By Vegan Society Brand Marketing Officer, Charis Collier 


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