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It’s National Picnic Week, a time to celebrate the beauty of the outdoors and indulge in delicious vegan food. Whether you're planning a cosy picnic for two or a lively gathering with friends, having the right vegan picnic essentials can make all the difference. In this blog post, we have compiled the must-have vegan items to enhance your picnic experience during this special week. 

Vegan Beverages for Picnics: Refreshing Choices for National Picnic Week 

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No picnic is complete without a refreshing beverage. If you're a wine lover, we recommend trying the ASDA Extra Special range, featuring the Barossa Shiraz, Chardonnay, and Malbec Rosé varieties. These vegan wines offer a delightful taste that pairs perfectly with your picnic spread. For those who prefer alcohol-free options, there are also a variety of choices available, ensuring everyone can raise a glass and enjoy the festivities. 

If you prefer something that is easier to carry and drink, Kiss of Wine might be the option, bringing you wines from small winemakers conveniently packaged in cans. Check out their vegan Zesty Riesling, Wild Dolcetto and Feisty Nebbiolo

To quench your thirst with non-alcoholic options, consider the Gusto Organic range; With flavours like Real Cola, Slim Cola, Original Energy and Lemon Energy, you'll find a refreshing soft drink that suits your taste buds. And as a special offer to The Vegan Society audience, Gusto Organic is offering a 10% discount if you use the following code: VEGAN10.  

TRIP Drinks also offers a selection of invigorating flavours such as Peach & Ginger and Lemon & Basil, perfect for a picnic pick-me-up. 

Savoury Vegan Delights for Picnics: Tasty Options to Pack and Enjoy 

When it comes to savoury delights, Crackd has you covered with their delectable vegan No-Egg quiches. Choose from flavours like Caramelised onion, classic Quiche Lorraine, and Cheeze and broccoli. Pack these quiches for your picnic and watch them disappear as everyone savours the rich flavours. 

For a convenient meal, consider Plant Revolution’s No Chicken Tikka Masala & Pilau Rice, available at Morrisons, or Pieminister’s tasty pies: Kevin Vegan Pie and the newly released Maroc Star Pie. These satisfying vegan meals are packed with flavour and are easy to enjoy on the go. 

Vegan Snacks for Picnics: Munch on These Delicious Options 

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Snacking is an essential part of any picnic experience, and there are plenty of vegan options to choose from. Indulge in Richmond’s meat free minis snacking sausages or ASDA’s OMV Meat-Free Sausage Rolls, Veggie Samosa Dinky Rolls and Savoury Mini No Eggs for a tasty and convenient snack that will satisfy your cravings. Another must-try are Cauldron’s falafels, available in both original and Moroccan flavours. These flavour-packed bites are perfect for nibbling on while enjoying the great outdoors. 

For a unique twist, try Nim's Dried Beetroot & Parsnip snacks. These wholesome and crispy treats are packed with natural goodness and are a great alternative to traditional crisps. They will surely impress everyone with their vibrant colours and satisfying crunch. 

Vegan Dips and Spreads: Take Your Picnic Snacks and Sandwiches to the Next Level 

To elevate your picnic, don't forget to include pre-packaged vegan dips like Holy Moly’s Garlic Aioli and ASDA’s Regular, Red Pepper and Sweet Chilli Houmous. These savoury dips add a burst of flavour and make the perfect accompaniment to your favourite chips, crackers, or crudités. 

Look out for Wicked Kitchen’s Piri Piri mayo, and Organic Kitchen’s Organic Vegan Mayo for a rich addition to your sandwiches and wraps. And for those who love the rich earthy flavours, don't forget to pack Suma Foods’ Mushroom Pate. Its smooth texture and savoury taste will elevate your picnic experience. 

Sweet Treats for Vegan Picnics: Indulge in Delectable Delights 

A picnic is only complete with a selection of sweet treats. OGGS offers a range of tasty options like their Zesty Lemon Cake, Mini Vanilla Cupcakes and Vegan Victoria Sponge Cakes. These treats are not only vegan but also incredibly delicious, making them a perfect indulgence for picnickers with a sweet tooth. And for chocolate lovers, Morrisons’ Plant Revolution Vegan Chocolate Cupcakes will satisfy your cravings. 

Sun Care Essentials for Outdoor Fun: Protecting Your Skin During Picnics 

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While enjoying your picnic, protecting your skin from the sun's rays is crucial. Be sure to pack sun care essentials such as Skin Therapy SPF30 Sun Spray and Childs Farm 50+ SPF Sun Cream.  

Sun care doesn’t end on protection, so make sure to pack some after-sun care, to be extra safe. You can find some vegan after-sun products at Primark in the form of gel and spray.  

These vegan sun care products will keep your skin safe while you bask in the sun's warmth during your picnic adventure. 

With the hot weather and sunny summer days, ensure you have all the vegan picnic essentials to create a memorable and delicious outdoor experience. From refreshing beverages and savoury delights to scrumptious snacks and sweet treats, plenty of vegan options are available to satisfy every craving. Remember to protect your skin with vegan sun care products as you enjoy the beauty of nature, embracing the joy of a vegan picnic! Make sure to tag @vegantrademark on Instagram or Twitter to join in the conversation. 

By Nora Rodriguez, Marketing Assistant  

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