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Halloween is steadily creeping up on us. There are enough ghoulish goings-on at this time of year without throwing additional animal exploitation into the mix, but a vegan lifestyle isn’t a reason to miss out on the fun. 

We’ve compiled a list to help steer you towards a vegan-friendly and spectacularly spooky Halloween!

 Falafel fingers

Make a gruesome appetiser 

Despite the stomach-churning appearance, the flavours in this recipe for falafel fingers make for a moreish party dish. The almond fingernails look particularly grim but without them, you would just be left long falafel and nobody wants that really, do they? 


Goody good stuff Be trick-or-treat ready

Make sure you’re ready for those trick-or-treaters with a bowl crammed full of tasty vegan treats. Vegan sweets are getting better all the time, but there is still some way to go. Luckily Goody Good Stuff sweets are readily available on most high streets, pop into your local Holland & Barratt to find them. 


pumpkin lantern
Set the mood

The perfect Halloween is all about creating an eerie atmosphere and flickering candlelight is the perfect way to achieve this. Unfortunately, many candles are made with beeswax, so avoid the animal products and opt for a soy variety like these ones from Pur, which are registered with our Vegan Trademark. 


Pumpkin bun

Get cosy and autumnal

If spooky isn’t quite your thing but you still want to get in the festive mood, then this pumpkin buns recipe is the one for you. The combination of pumpkin and cinnamon sets the perfect autumnal scene. Doesn't it make you want to just want to cuddle up by a fire?


Apple bites halloween

Get crafty with little ones

These sinister looking snacks look far more complicated to make than they actually are. In fact, they only consist of three ingredients! This recipe would be a great one to get stuck into with children, just be warned that it will be a bit fiddly and sticky with all that jam and nut butter, so you might want to cordon off a designated messy area!

bloody cups halloween

Make sure you’re movie marathon ready

Another three-ingredient wonder! The combination of raspberry and chocolate makes for a rich and indulgent Halloween treat. Make these bites for a gory snack to accompany a horror movie marathon. This zombie popcorn is suitably spooky and healthy too!  

Get bubbly

Having a bath probably isn’t the most traditional way to celebrate Halloween, but how could you resist with this sparkly pumpkin bubble bar from Lush, especially when it’s registered with our Vegan Trademark? Give yourself a break from sugar-pumped screaming children!


Fake blood

Make your own

If you’re thinking about getting fake blood for your creepy costume, don’t forget that many red dyes may be made from animal-derived ingredients. Why not try making your own fake blood so you know exactly what’s gone into it. This one uses all edible ingredients, so it’s perfect for gory mouth wounds! 

What are your top tips for a frightful vegan Halloween? 


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