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Winning the best exhibition stand award at the Labour Party Conference, presented by Eddie Izzard

The Vegan Society policy team have spent the last few weeks hotfooting around the country on the party conferences trail.

Earlier this year, The Guardian reported brief details of a legal dispute between the League Against Cruel Sports and a vegan, Jordi Casamitjana, who claims to have been unfairly dismissed from his job. Jordi’s case will be heard in Tribunal proceedings early in 2019.

Does the prospect of doing your first vegan food shop seem overwhelming? Elizabeth Emery teaches new vegans how to tackle the weekly shop like a pro.

Matthew Dent creates award-winning, vegan-friendly compost from Fertile Fibre in Herefordshire. Matthew tells us about the types of composts available to vegan gardeners.

By registering their electricity and gas with our Vegan Trademark, we were able to confirm that all of the electricity produced by Ecotricity is completely free from animals and their by-products

We caught up with Ms. Cupcake herself, Melissa Morgan, to find out a bit more about the business, why they support the charity, and to get some vegan baking tips!

A healthier, more sustainable world, without paying more overall: this could be the result of the meat tax mooted by researchers this week.

Robert Mathers tackles some of the most common questions about going vegan. Thinking about giving it a go this World Vegan Month? Download the new VeGuide app and go vegan the easy way.


If you’ve been debating going vegan, we think that this World Vegan Month is the ideal time to give it a go, here are the reasons why.

You may be familiar with vegan non-fiction books and you probably own a vegan cookbook at least. But for those who enjoy reading literature, how frequently do you come across vegan books?


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