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Halloween is steadily creeping up on us. There are enough ghoulish goings-on at this time of year without throwing additional animal exploitation into the mix, but a vegan lifestyle isn’t a reason to miss out on the fun.

Is this really a "Green Brexit"? The Vegan Society respond to the Agriculture Bill paper.

Laws which assume speciesism are unjust, and work against the human rights of people who oppose speciesism and human supremacy.

Just a few years ago, having the Farming Minister join a Vegan Society fringe panel at a Conservative Party Conference would have been unheard of, but that's exactly what happened today.

As the chaos of Freshers’ starts to wind down, you are probably facing the looming prospect of having to navigate this major life change all by yourself. 

Who do vegans turn to when in crisis? As the use of foodbanks continues to rise, we look at one organisation working to support people in their time of need.

We know that The Vegan Society’s vision for a plant-based farming system is a radical one but with a few tweaks here and there this morning’s press release is just ten words away from chiming with our views. 

Lauren Baino recently visited Sitges, Spain. Lauren tells us about her week of trying to navigate being vegan in an unfamiliar territory. 

Bethany Chester explores how movements such as zero-waste and minimalism feed into the vegan ideology. 

Frequent international traveller, JJ Nicole, runs us through what she's learned about remaining vegan while jet-setting around the world.


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