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Lisa Gawthorne

Athlete and vegan entrepreneur, Lisa Gawthorne, presents her top tips for staying in peak physical condition and tackling sports as a vegan.

Activist James Aspey has worked tirelessly to bring awareness to veganism and animal rights – from undergoing a year of silence to taking his inspiring speeches all over the world

Introducing Chase Armitage, action actor, parkour athlete and vegan who has appeared in box office hits Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Death Race 2 and Pirates of the Caribbean. 

Maritza Oliver is one of the many thousands of people trying to make a difference to save the lives of sentient beings and help bring about awareness of their plight through her books.

child painting on someone's arm

We've delivered this round-up of child-friendly vegan festivals around the UK that should help you bulk out your calendars!

Jovita Grigaliūnaitė helps take the stress out of finding a vegan nail polish.  


We register the first electricity tariff with The Vegan Society's Vegan Trademark.

Kayla Hill discusses her experience of Bali as a solo vegan traveller and visiting the world's first vegan cinema. 

We’ve created a round-up of our favourite Vegan Society Vegan Trademark registered products that will take your vegan BBQ to the next level. All the products featured have been tried and tested by The Vegan Society team.

In a community rife with scepticism, Bill McCarthy is out to prove that vegans have a competitive edge in powerlifting. 


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