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Sexual health and wellness – keeping it vegan

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The beauty of going vegan is becoming more conscious about all aspects of your lifestyle – not just your diet. However, one aspect that is often overlooked is the products we use to maintain our sexual health and wellness.

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Intimacy products are not always suitable for vegans. But if it’s something that has never crossed your mind before, we’re here to show you that passion can be compassionate if you switch to products registered with the Vegan Trademark. 

Condoms – staying safe and healthy

Whatever your sexual preference, condoms are essential because let’s face it, unwanted pregnancies and STDs are no fun. However, most condoms are made from latex, the processing of which often uses casein – a milk derivative used to smooth the surface of the latex. They would also need to be tested for safety and these tests are commonly carried out on animals.

Thankfully though, there are a great range of vegan condoms registered with the Vegan Trademark by brands including Glyde, Fair Squared and Hanx.

Glyde’s products, including their premium vegan condoms have been registered with the Vegan Trademark since 2006! Find out where to buy them near you by clicking here or head to Amazon.

Fair Squared go even further than ensuring their products are kind to animals. Not only are their condoms registered with the Vegan Trademark, but Fair Squared make fairness a priority, from fair trading conditions to environmental responsibility. Shop their condoms here.  

Hanx vegan condoms have been designed with the female experience in mind. They’re also made with natural, fair trade latex which biodegrade in your compost so you can reduce your impact on the planet in more ways than one – keeping the global population down and repurposing your waste! Available here.

What about prescribed contraception?

Medication is routinely tested on animals and may also contain animal derivatives. At The Vegan Society, we understand that we live in a non-vegan world. It is unfortunately not always possible or practicable to get a vegan alternative – especially when it comes to medication, including hormone-based contraceptives like the pill. Looking after yourself by using the option that is best for you enables you to be an effective advocate for veganism.

Lubricants and sexual wellness

“Sexual wellness and sexual pleasure are inseparable. We shouldn’t be afraid to name it and have a healthy dialogue about it, not only with ourselves but our partners too. To be able to own our sexual pleasure in a comfortable and healthy way; using the right terminology and the safest and best products for us is powerful, healthy stuff!”

Kathie Bishop, Founder of Into The Wylde and Vegan Trademark holder.

Lubricants play a great role in sexual pleasure and comfort, but they can contain multiple ingredients rendering them unsuitable for vegans. A common active ingredient is glycerine which can be animal derived. Lubricants are also exposed to safety tests which unfortunately use a range of micro-organisms, cells, and molecules commonly sourced from animals.

But thanks to intimate care brands like Into The Wylde, there are vegan lubricants that are free from the discomfort, and the cruelty. Not only is Into the Wylde’s lubricant, Wylde One, registered with the Vegan Trademark, but it’s also organic, formulated to be kind to intimate areas, and compatible with the three most common types of condom (latex, polyisoprene and polyurethane). Available here.

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