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» An Unbound Project story from BAFTA-winning filmmaker

A new short film has been released this week from Unbound Project, created by BAFTA award winner and filmmaker Alex Lockwood (Lockwood Film).

This film tells the story of Wendy Valentine, founder of Hillside Animal Sanctuary. Starting with 20 acres of land back in 1995, Hillside has grown to an enormous 2000 acres, home to over 3000 animals - many of which have arrived from the factory farming industry. She continues to campaign and help care for the animals, spurred on by her overwhelming compassion for their plight. Hillside is a haven for abused animals to live out the rest of their lives in peace, thanks to Valentine's dedication. 

This film is brought about by the collaboration of We Animals Media and Lockwood Film, to tell the story of Wendy's life's work.

Wendy Valentine Hillside Animal Sanctuary

How did this collaboration come about?

In 2017, farmer Jay Wilde made the decsion to give his heard of cows up to Hillside Animal Sanctuary and begin his venture in vegan farming, with the help of The Vegan Society. Alex Lockwood produced a short film of the transition, which won a BAFTA award earlier this year.

“My short documentary ‘73 Cows’ had involved a scene at Hillside Animal Sanctuary. We only shot there for a day, but I’d since wanted to make a follow-up film, orientated around the amazing work that the sanctuary does, and specifically Wendy, the sanctuary’s founder. This summer we went back to Hillside to film this short character piece to explore what drives Wendy in her quest to help so many animals.”

Alex Lockwood

You can watch the short film here.

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