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In many different industries, a growing number of shoppers are keen to make more ethical purchases. But challenges – such as labelling preferences and consumer understanding of animal-derived ingredients – persist. Businesses have a huge opportunity to create a kinder marketplace by moving to vegan ingredients, materials and processes, leading to the eventual removal of all animals from industry supply chains.

The Vegan Society regularly run consumer research looking into different categories within the vegan economy. In the following reports, we delve deep into the ethical changes being made, such as trends and developments, proposed legislation changes and insights into our Vegan Trademark registrations. We also explore in detail what shoppers are looking for in regard to labelling and specific product categories.

Reports from 2022

Vegan Product Categories in Australia and New Zealand

This report is published in collaboration with Christchurch Vegan Society. The research looks into consumer perception of vegan products in the following categories: food and drink (supermarkets and foodservice), cosmetics, fashion, healthcare and household.

Changing Diets During the Covid-19 Pandemic - Wave 3

The third wave of this research looks into the motivations as to why more Brits have been increasing their uptake of plant–based foods, which vegan products they are buying and whether they will continue to purchase them in the future.   

Vegan Vehicles: The Future of Cars

The automotive industry is taking some steps in a more ethical direction, but products from animals can still feature throughout the manufacturing process. We hope that this report inspires car manufacturers to make responsible, sustainable and ethical changes.

Vegan Animal Care

The popularity of a vegan lifestyle is increasing worldwide and this shift is mirrored in the way we care for the animals we share our homes with. This report looks at consumer motivations, barriers and market potential of this growing industry. 

Vegan Food for Children

Young people are often considered to be leading the vegan movement forward. In this report we ask parents and guardians their thoughts on current vegan food options for children in supermarkets and schools.

Reports from 2021

Changing Diets During the Covid-19 Pandemic

Many of us have made changes to our lifestyle throughout the Covid–19 pandemic – including to our diets. This report looks into the motivations around why 25% of Brits are moving towards more plant–based diets, which vegan products they are buying and whether they will continue to purchase them in the future.   

The Rise of Vegan Fashion

Vegan fashion is on the rise, and with 95% of UK shoppers want more vegan–verified fashion options, this industry shows no signs of slowing down.

Vegan Beauty Takeover

In the vegan economy, no industry is moving faster than vegan beauty. Download this report to see why 97% of UK shoppers are keen to purchase vegan–verified cosmetics and toiletries.

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