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» Celebrate 77 years of The Vegan Society with unique challenge

Do you fancy yourself as a bit of a Joe Wicks? Or has lockdown life left you feeling like a total couch potato? Well, from today (10 September) vegans everywhere are being asked to take on a brand new sporting challenge to celebrate 77 years of The Vegan Society.

As the Society marks another year, supporters are being asked to take on a unique activity based around the number 77 – for example they can walk 77,000 steps, complete 77 press ups each day, cycle 77km or swim 77 laps of the pool. The challenge is fully open to interpretation and can be done across a day, a week or the full month of October, depending on your fitness levels and schedule too.  

The Vegan and Thriving Challenge was created to raise funds for the charity which provides information, guidance and support on various aspects of veganism, while also promoting the message that it’s perfectly possible to get everything you need from a vegan diet, no matter your age or energy requirements. As well as interest from charity supporters, inspiring vegan athletes such as Kate Strong, Team GB’s Lisa Gawthorne and boxer Jamal Ledoux are also taking part.

All the money raised from the challenge will be used to support the society’s work, including campaigns such as Plate Up for the Planet, promoting veganism for the environment, and Catering for Everyone which works to get more vegan options on public sector menus. Funds will also be used towards ongoing work with policy makers, putting vegans with nutrition queries directly in touch with our in-house dietitians, and supporting vegans facing discrimination through our Vegan Rights work.

The launch of the Vegan and Thriving Challenge comes just a month after the Olympic Games in Tokyo and our Olympics-themed survey that found vegans feel faster, fitter and stronger since making the switch. It also follows the news that The Vegan Society has bagged its first ever charity spot at this year’s London Marathon.  

Ruby Jones, Fundraising Manager at The Vegan Society, said: “We are really excited to be launching our first ever Vegan and Thriving fundraising challenge. We’ve seen a huge increase this year in people supporting charities through virtual challenges, and we can’t wait to see how our supporters will get involved. There really are no rules, and the challenge is totally open to interpretation so you can be as creative as you like. Whether you want to swim, cycle, skate or ski, we’ll be cheering you on from the sidelines knowing that you’re raising money and awareness for a really incredible cause!”

The Vegan and Thriving Challenge launches today (10 September) giving those involved three weeks to decide on a challenge and sign up. You can sign up by visiting the Thriving 77 Challenge page. The challenge officially starts from 1 October. You can also follow along or share your story on socials using #VeganAndThrivingChallenge.

Looking for meal ideas? Head to Vegan and Thriving for more than 40 nutritionally balanced recipes perfectly suited for the everyday athlete.

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