The Vegan Society announces office relocation following a shift to remote working

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» The Vegan Society announces office relocation following a shift to remote working

A move to remote working during the pandemic has led the Birmingham-based charity to relocate from the Ludgate Hill offices where they have been based for the last five years, to a smaller property on Hylton Street.  

A fourfold increase in staff saw the charity move to larger premises in 2018 to accommodate its 40-strong team. In the subsequent years, the number of employees at the society has grown to 70, and the organisation is now adjusting its working arrangements once again. 

As was the case for many organisations, the pandemic saw a change to how the society’s staff worked, with the majority of the team now carrying out their positions from home. As the charity assessed the situation moving out of the pandemic, it became clear that remote working continued to be effective and proved popular with staff. This shift led to a largely empty office, and, as a result, the society has taken the opportunity to return to its former premises, and property that the society owns, in Birmingham at Donald Watson House, 21 Hylton Street. 

As well as allowing the staff more flexibility in their working arrangements, the shift to predominantly home-based working has the additional advantage of opening up the recruitment pool for the society. 

Steve Hamon, CEO of The Vegan Society, says “We’ve found that home-based positions have worked well for our team of dedicated staff and have decided to continue with this arrangement. We’re excited to return to our previous office building and returning to a smaller property that the society owns has the added benefit of reducing expenditure that can be utilised more effectively in other areas of the charity.” 

The full address for The Vegan Society’s new premises is: The Vegan Society, Donald Watson House, 21 Hylton Street, Birmingham, B18 6HJ. This address should be used for all correspondence with immediate effect. All contact email addresses and telephone numbers remain unchanged. 

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