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A Vegan Society "Great" who probably did as much for the society as any one individual, in 40+ years of membership Rick served variously as Chair, Treasurer and CEO, remaining on the Appeals Committee until his death.

From the late 1970s Rick played a leading role in both animal and gay rights groups, organising information stands, marches and protests everywhere from London's notorious Club Row pet market to Porton Down. He was particularly concerned about fish, then regarded as having no feelings at all. He also found time to throw parties that are remembered vividly to this day.

After attending the historic Carre's Grammar School in Lincolnshire,Rick had taken the Civil Service exam. He was promptly recruited to Her Majesty's Treasury, where speaking out for gay rights – only recently made legal – nearly cost him his career, and the authorities were happy enough to second him to The Vegan Society when we found ourselves in dire straits and needing a strong CEO to pick up the pieces.

Despite completely overhauling our headquarters management, Rick was a popular CEO, remembered by staff for his kindness. Council colleagues had a tougher time, but his funeral at the packed church of St Magnus Martyr by London Bridge brought no fewer than three former Chairs and a clutch of present and former trustees and staff to pay their respects.

Our sympathies go especially to Peter, Rick's partner of 30 years. 

    photograph of Rick (right) and Peter (left) on their wedding day in 2017Rick (right) and Peter (left) on their wedding day in 2017.

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By Vanessa Clarke

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