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Since all medications currently go through animal testing and animal products are commonly used in their manufacture, decisions around taking medication can be complex for vegans. Many vegans find compromising their beliefs in this way to be stressful and upsetting. You can find some information on veganism and medications here, and read our blog which explores the topic of animal products in medications here.

However, it has never been more important for us to talk about the definition of veganism in the context of medications, including vaccines. The definition of veganism recognises that it is not always possible or practicable to avoid animal use, which is particularly relevant to medical situations. In the case of Covid-19, vaccination will play a fundamental role in tackling the pandemic and saving lives. As all vaccines currently are tested on animals, at this stage it is impossible to have a vaccine that has been created without animal use.

The Vegan Society believes in and works towards a future in which the role of animals in medicine is eliminated. Our campaign Make More Medicines Vegan tackles this issue, and we also work with organisations such as Animal Free Research UK. We care deeply about these issues, but there is a long way to go in this area. Here are some of Animal Free Research UK's thoughts on the topic:

"Even if a new human relevant treatment has been developed animal free, laws and regulatory agencies worldwide currently require that new drugs and treatments are tested on animals before clinical trials on humans. This usually involves tests first on mice, rats or rabbits and then on dogs or monkeys. These tests are required by law, and unfortunately non-animal tests are currently not accepted instead.

We are working to change the regulations so that effective non-animal research methods can be used to progress drugs into human trials quickly, safely and effectively.

We are also working with MPs to ensure that animal free research gains a prominent place on the political agenda and ultimately results in concrete changes in the law."

In the unlikely event that Covid-19 vaccinations are made mandatory, and if exceptions are made for people with certain religious beliefs, a vegan who wants to refuse vaccination would be able to request the same right to exemption. You can access information about compulsory vaccination here, and giving informed consent for vaccinations here.

However, we would like to make it clear that The Vegan Society encourages vegans to look after their health and that of others, in order to continue to be effective advocates for veganism and other animals. As there is no plan for compulsory vaccination, it is the responsibility of each individual to make an informed decision about vaccines, bearing in mind the definition of veganism, with support from their local healthcare team.

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