The Vegan Society welcomes actor, Paul Higgins, as a new Ambassador

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» The Vegan Society welcomes actor, Paul Higgins, as a new Ambassador

The world’s oldest vegan charity, The Vegan Society, is delighted to have the support of actor and writer, Paul Higgins. 

       Paul Higgins delivering a talk

Actor and writer, Paul Higgins, well-known for his roles in the TV series’ The Thick of It, Utopia and Line of Duty, has, this month, been appointed as an Ambassador for The Vegan Society. Higgins, who stopped eating meat over 30 years ago, has long been a champion of the society, winning Celebrity Mastermind in 2018 in aid of the charity and serving as a co-opted trustee of the society in 2021 and 2022.  

Supporting the charity in its educational goals, Paul has attended several events, including the All Party Political Group (APPG) on Vegetarianism and Veganism in Parliament where he gave a speech. Outside of his affiliation with The Vegan Society, Paul utilises his own platform to share his compassion for animals and is currently working on a play about the cruelties of factory farming. 

Highlighting that it isn’t necessary to love animals to have compassion for them, Higgins speaks of his reasons for going vegan, saying: 

“I can’t say I loved animals. I’ve never been very comfortable around them, never had pets, to the annoyance of my children. I certainly was not sentimental about them, but I recognised that pigs, cows and sheep are fellow mammals and I knew that I didn’t want to be imprisoned or beaten or have my children taken away - to who knows what fate? Better not to know.” 

Paul was appointed as an ambassador following the society’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) on Saturday 20 May. Commenting on the appointment, Steve Hamon, CEO of The Vegan Society, says:  

“We are thrilled to welcome Paul to the society as an Ambassador, his history of supporting and working with us illustrates his dedication to the vegan cause and his commitment to educating people on the importance of a vegan lifestyle. We’re privileged to be supported by a number of prominent vegans and we’re grateful that they use their platform to speak out for the animals.” 

For more information about the society’s ambassadors, visit our ambassador page. Have your say and support the society going forward by becoming a member.

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