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World Vegan Month

Every November we celebrate World Vegan Day and World Vegan Month, as well as the formation of The Vegan...(Read More)

Catering for Everyone

Sign our petition to get a vegan option on every public sector menu.(Read More)

Plate Up for the Planet

Think differently about what you eat. Try our seven day vegan challenge and eat to save the world.(Read More)

Grow Green

The Vegan Society and the New Economics Foundation have launched a new report in the Grow Green series that...(Read More)

Vegan on the Go

Our campaign to improve offerings for vegans when they’re out and about.(Read More)

Make More Medicines Vegan

The Vegan Society called for Health Secretary, Jeremy Hunt MP, to do more to protect vegans rights when it...(Read More)

Yes It's Vegan

New campaign #YesItsVegan rewards you for identifying Vegan Trademark products.(Read More)

The Veganalyser

Find out how many animals you could save if you go vegan today, or how many you've saved already with...(Read More)