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Vegan on the Go is our long-running campaign to improve plant-based options for vegans who are out and about. After focusing on the high street and UK railways, we are now turning our attention to inflight catering. We are very pleased to be partnering with Humane Society International UK on this phase of the campaign.

While things are slowly improving, we still receive messages from people who have had bad experiences on flights. Sometimes a vegan meal is difficult or impossible to order, or arrives and is clearly unsuitable for vegans. In some cases, this can leave a passenger with only crisps and nuts to eat over the course of a long-haul flight.

We want airlines to add well-labelled vegan options to their standard menus, meaning that they do not have to be requested specially and are available for anyone to order. We are reaching out to airlines to speak to them directly about this, but we need your help!

Introducing FlyVe – the first rating system for inflight vegan catering. If you have recently flown as a vegan and would like to share your experiences (good or bad!) please do fill in the form and encourage your friends and family to do the same. This will help us to prove the demand for delicious plant-based options, and give us an opportunity to thank companies that are already doing a good job.

Together we can help to make inflight catering more inclusive, environmentally-friendly and compassionate.


We have already had some fantastic support for the campaign from environmentalists and vegans in the public eye.

Jasmine Harman, long-term vegan and host of A Place in the Sun, has shared her views on vegan inflight catering.


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