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If possible, take plenty of photos of your event

The photos can then be submitted to our website, our magazine The Vegan and your local newspaper and/or community blog.

PLEASE NOTE: you require written permission to use photos of children under 18. You can obtain this permission by asking the parent or guardian to complete the following consent form. If school groups will be attending your event, be sure to email consent forms to teachers well in advance, so they have time to obtain the necessary permissions.

Consent forms should also be used for family groups or any groups that include children under 18. It is also good practice to advise adults attending events that any photographs taken during the event may be used in publications or websites. You can do this by stating in promotional materials that photographs will be taken during the event and / or by displaying a notice to that effect at the event itself.

We require high quality images for our magazine and website, so please make sure your camera is set to capture the highest resolution possible.

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