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Help from abroad

Our international friends are always asking how they can make a gift contribution to The Vegan Society and so we've created this page to make supporting us from afar easier.

American friends

We are very grateful for support from our friends in the USA. You can be part of our history by making a donation that is a tax-deductible grant. We are registered with CAF America so you can donate directly here

International friends elsewhere

From anywhere in the world you can support us by making either a one-off or a monthly donation. Any gift to The Vegan Society directly helps us publish information, offer support and provide advocacy for healthy vegan living worldwide. 

We proactively advise individuals, health professionals, caterers, manufacturers, educators, farmers and policy makers. We help people make lasting changes for the improvement of their own lives and those of others; as well as the lives of billions of non-human animals. 

As the original Vegan Society, we’ve come a long way since 1944 and we continue to work globally to promote veganism. Will you help us continue the story?

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