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You can learn to be a powerful advocate, for yourself, for other vegans and for non-human animals too.

You know vegan living can be fun, healthy, kind, green and inclusive. You want to share this with your family, friends and neighbours - and teachers, chefs, doctors and politicians too. Let us help you speak up and be heard.

Start small

Practice discussing your personal reasons for being vegan with a trusted friend, or in your local vegan-friendly social group, or even writing in a diary.

Support each other

Write a joint letter to a local newspaper, perhaps about getting hot meals for vegans at your local school?

Build your confidence

Talk to local cafes about stocking soya milk and offering vegan meal options.

Challenge your elected representatives

How are they helping local communities enjoy the benefits of healthy, plant-based food?

You'll probably find it helps to do a little homework as well ...

  • Speak for the voiceless: ending harm to non-human animals is what being vegan is all about.
  • Know your rights: human rights provisions give us the right to live vegan, free from discrimination.
  • Know the facts: eating at least seven portions of vegetables and fruit daily cuts early death by 40%. Check out our resources section for more information.
  • Good for the planet: moving away from animal farming, to diverse crop farming, can significantly cut greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Good for humans: accessible and nutritious plant-based food can enable everyone to have a secure food supply.
  • Safer medicines: there are better ways than testing on non-human animals, which frequently fails to predict the actual effects on humans

Drop your Senior Advocacy and Policy Officer Amanda Baker an email with any questions you have or any replies which you receive.


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