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Student from abroad

Marius travelled from Germany to do a 6-week placement at The Vegan Society for his Bachelor’s Degree in International Economics. He chose to carry out his work experience abroad and with us to pair his passions for non-profits and veganism.

“I was warmly welcomed by everyone and immediately felt comfortable in the office. Everyone was highly motivated and busy. But we also had fun together. Whether we were sharing good news, a vegan treat or a small joke, there was always a comfortable atmosphere in the office."

"In the case of my project, anyone I asked for advice was very supportive and constructive. I was also welcome to take part in other activities if I had the time. These varied from small tasks in the office to participation at events.

"For me, being part of an organisation not driven by making a profit - that is also working towards bringing a collective aim forward and where passion is the key motivational force - was the most valuable experience I had."

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