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Thursday 14 July 2022Thursday 14 July 2022

Consumer demand for clean beauty and plant-based products has strengthened during the pandemic. Consumers are asking greater questions about chemicals in their cosmetics & toileteris, whilst others are turning to plant-based products because of ethical & environmental reasons. 

This new masterclass discusses the opportunities with clean beauty and natural/plant-based products. 

What does clean beauty mean to consumers?

What contentious chemicals do they look to avoid?

How is the veganism trend translating into demand for plant-based products?

What does a vegan cosmetic mean?

What does it mean to adopt a popular labelling scheme?

What are the marketing issues with clean beauty and natural products?

Join us on the 14th July 2022 between 9:00am and 5:30pm to have all of these questions and more, answered in this new masterclass!

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