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» 10 of the creepiest Halloween recipes

Prepare to have the pants scared off you, as Ali Ryland and Elena Orde delve into the realms of creepy cookery.

When it comes to imaginative cooking, it’s obvious that vegans will be a cut above the rest – after all, we are the people who worked out how to make meringue from the stuff people normally drain down the sink! (See our aquafaba blog if you’re totally confused at this point).

So get creative this Halloween and show the world that vegans can do blood and gore as well as anyone. Whether you want to serve a spectacularly spooky vegan buffet before heading out on the town, or make some snacks to enjoy while gorging on scary movies, there will be something here for everyone! Grab your pumpkins, it’s time to do Halloween vegan-style.

1) Sick nachos


Once you get over the initial disgust (emetophobes, this one’s not for you!) you can appreciate how cool these nachos really are. All you have to do to make your own at home is find a small pumpkin, carve it, and position the chips, guacamole and salsa just right.

Otherwise, you can order yourself this little beauty at Henderson's, Edinburgh, this Halloween.

2) Bloody falafel fingers

 The perfect finger food… mwahahahahah.

Get the recipe here.

3) Brain cake

Credit: @lady_rainicorn

Braaaaaaains! Get your goo on.

Want to create your own sweet brain? All you have to do is cook your choice of vegan cake in a hemisphere cake tin, and then cut a little bit of the sides off so it's more oval than round. Cover in vegan cream cheese then roll the marzipan into strips, sticking them in swirls onto the cream cheese icing layer. Slather in jam and serve.

Additional idea: mould some wheat gluten into a brainy shape. It's seitanic!

4) Spooky pumpkin pecan cheesecake


Because Halloween without pumpkins is like a fridge without hummus.

Get the recipe here.

5) Candy skull

Credit: Yvonne Davies-Kreye

Creepy! Luckily this skull is made from cake so don’t fear to crack straight into it.

Want to try it yourself? Just buy a skull-shaped cake tin and cook your choice of cake, then dust the completed cake with a thick layer of icing sugar. Remember to cover the eye sockets with foil whilst dusting and you can use a small wet brush to remove the excess from between the skull's teeth.

6) Grave robber ice cream


Too cute to be scary with their Oreo soil and Lotus biscuit headstones? You decide!

Get the recipe here.

7) Halloween iced cookies


Aquafaba strikes again! Get out your best Halloween cookie cutters or go freestyle.

Get the recipe here.

8) Scary icing


Would you like your ghosts cute or creepy?

Get the recipe here.

9) Pumpkin shaped cheese ball


These miniature cheesy pumpkins look perfect with the addition of stalks.

Get the recipe here.

10) Spider cupcakes



Cute on the outside, ooey-gooey on the inside: ‘kids will love the gruesome surprise!’

Get the recipe here.

By Ali Ryland and Elena Orde

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How does the Vegan Society think it is okay to show human parts to eat when we would not dream of eating an animal. I know your gruesome recipes are meant to be fun, but just a thought.

Just saw that you are wanting photos or recipes with photos. You can use any you like off my website www.parsleysoup.co.uk. Some photos are really good quality (banana cake, blueberry pancakes, chocolate cheesecake etc...) and others are terrible :D But you might see something useful.

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