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Grow Green is growing, but we need your support.

Our Grow Green campaign has been thriving, and we're thrilled by the amazing response of our members. Our report, which details why farmers should transition from 'livestock' farming to plant protein agriculture, has already been distributed to hundreds of people and policy-makers who are sympathetic to our proposals. 

By supporting UK farmers who are interested in transitioning from 'livestock' farming to growing more local, sustainable crops, Grow Green offers one practical solution to climate change as well as a way to eliminate the suffering of farm animals. One of the ways to achieve this aim is to first petition the government to shift agricultural subsidies in support of environmental protections post-Brexit. This opens up a dialogue with parliament and builds public appetite for subsidy reform. After we've achieved this, our next goal is to make sure these subsidies are directed away from animal agriculture, into plant protein crops.

To do this we need your help. Sign and share the petition today. 

We still need help lobbying MPs to support our aims. You can use the form below to send an email to your MP, MSP, or AM asking them to support the Grow Green Campaign. You can also send your MP a link to our petition asking them to support it.

Please email tom.kuehnel[at]vegansociety[dot]com with any responses you receive from your MP. Before pressing 'Go' take note of some points you may wish to raise which are written underneath the form. You can also link your MP to our Grow Green report.

Follow Grow Green on Twitter to receive updates on our campaign.

Not from the UK? Please contact your local elected representative, and send them our Grow Green report.

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Write to your MP

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Points you may wish to raise:

• Livestock farming is responsible for more greenhouse gas emissions than all forms of transport in the world combined

• Livestock  is widely acknowledged as  one of the leading cause of deforestation in the majority of the world

• The average consumption of meat in the UK is double the average in the rest of the world

• Overconsumption of meat and dairy in the UK play a significant role in increasing greenhouse gas emissions, water consumption and pollution

Overconsumption of meat and dairy in the UK play a significant role in threatening the food security in other countries, where crops are used to feed animals rather than native people.

Giving incentives to farmers to transition from livestock farming to growing plant protein crops for human consumption could:

• Substantially reduce greenhouse gas emissions

• Improve the livelihood of farmers

• Contribute to a healthier UK population

• Reduce the global food security threat

• Eliminate the unnecessary suffering of many farmed animals.

You can also visit your MP in person and give them a copy of our Grow Green report

It is crucial to the success of Grow Green that you share this action with as many friends, family members and colleagues as possible. Please forward this link to them and encourage them to write to their MP via Facebook, Twitter and other channels:

Thank you for being part of Grow Green.