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When we choose to farm animals, we create a huge range of problems

From local water pollution to global climate change emissions, using up natural resources faster than they can renew, and crowding encouraging diseases to incubate.

badger badger

Our demand for cow's milk is driving the killing of badgers. Animal farmers livelihoods are increasingly precarious, with spiralling costs such as food for the animals. Meanwhile, independent science says that killing badgers can't solve these problems - killing badgers can't save 'the dairy industry'.

How can we justify:

  • Killing thousands of sentient, living beings, to briefly help hundreds of thousands more who will soon be killed in slaughter houses themselves?
  • Killing badgers, when there are so many other factors at play that have not been given proper consideration?
  • Buying milk, cheese and other cow milk products linked to rising greenhouse gas emissions, when we have tasty foods with none of these draw-backs?

There are so many nutritious and delicious plant-based products to enjoy. Show the badgers you care - try soya, almond or rice milk on your breakfast cereal!

The Vegan Society brings people like you together in campaigns which can restore the natural balance of our countryside and free-living animals.

We invite you to join in, helping to create a world where we don't use other animals.

Are you the kind of person who is kind to animals? We believe that each and every animal seeks life and freedom. We can lead sustainable, healthy lifestyles free from animal use and abuse. And we know that no matter how much the UK government insists upon killing badgers, the people of Britain will not take it lying down.

The mood is shifting. Will you help us to move British farming beyond the 'dairy industry'?

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