Response to Bank of England’s statement on notes containing tallow

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» Response to Bank of England’s statement on notes containing tallow

The Bank of England has today released a detailed statement regarding the use of tallow in the production of their bank notes. 

“Production of the new £10 polymer note began last August and the Bank has already printed 275 million notes, at a cost of £24 million, ahead of planned issuance later this year," the statement reads. "The Bank has also spent £46 million on printing the £5 polymer note. Reprinting these notes on a new substrate would mean incurring these costs again. It would also require a further £50,000 for the secure destruction of the existing stock.”

The Bank added that it would launch a full consultation on 30 March about the content of polymer substrate to be used in its future banknotes. While asking the Bank to recall the £5 and £10 notes that have already been produced wouldn’t save any animals, we hope the consultation on the £20 note will result in a decision not to use tallow in the production of any future bank notes. 

“While it is unfortunate that the new £10 note will contain tallow, The Vegan Society is pleased that the Bank of England has been transparent in their response to this important issue, and has taken the beliefs of the public into consideration," said Dominika Piasecka, spokesperson for The Vegan Society. "We have met with the Bank of England and believe they are committed to solving this problem and we will continue to work with them to find a good solution. 

“We look forward to the consultation around the £20 note and hope that any future bank notes will be free from ingredients produced through harming animals. We hope that other companies will follow this positive example and review the use of animals in their products.”

Vegans avoid animal exploitation as far as is possible and practicable, often for strong ethical reasons, and that’s not just limited to the diet. The presence of tallow – which is produced through harming animals - in bank notes means that companies supplying it will further profit from animal exploitation. Using the substance would also perpetuate the idea that animals are ours to use, which is not the case.


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